To provide guidelines and promote a shared understanding of appropriate conduct and ethical standards for members in their interactions with each other, during all U3A Croydon activities including classes, activities and events, and in their interactions with volunteers fulfilling nominated roles such as office duties, tutoring and committee positions.

Every member has the right to:
  • Participate in learning, recreational and social opportunities offered by U3A Croydon within the scope of their physical ability and according to availability.
  • An environment that is free from harassment, discrimination and bullying.
  • Their personal information confidentially maintained and their privacy being respected.
Every member has the responsibility to:
  • Support the purposes of U3A Croydon and observe U3A Croydon's Constitution and Rules, and its policies and procedures, which are listed on its website and/or available for review at U3A Croydon's office.
  • Respect the beliefs, values and needs of other members and refrain from any harassing, discriminatory, intimidating or bullying behaviour.
  • Act and speak respectfully, with courtesy, cooperation and inclusiveness, and maintain positive relationships.
  • Act with honesty and integrity towards U3A Croydon and its members.
  • Take responsibility, when undertaking classes involving strenuous activity, for performing activities within the limitations set by their doctor, and notifying the class leader immediately if they feel unwell or pain develops during the class.
  • Wear their current membership badge at all times when attending any course or function of U3A Croydon.
  • Contribute their time and skills by volunteering to help with tasks appropriate to their experience, ability and capacity.
  • Observe strict confidentiality regarding any access to members' personal information by not disclosing contact or other details without that member's prior permission.
  • Avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest and refrain from using U3A membership to promote personal business or financial interests.
  • Support the safety and wellbeing of U3A's members, its property and possessions and report any safety hazards to tutors, office managers or committee members.
  • Maintain the good reputation of U3A Croydon and contribute to its ability to serve the community's interests.

Breaches of the Membership Agreement should be reported to the Secretary. Issues will be managed in accordance with U3A Croydon Inc.'s Constitution and Rules.


This Membership Agreement was adopted by the Committee of Management of U3A Croydon Inc and minuted as such on 20 February, 2017. It will be posted on U3A Croydon's website within four weeks of this authorisation.

Document placed on website 8 March 2017.