Courses Online

21COM073  Computers-Windows 10 (Online)

Are you confused by how to use Windows 10? This class will show you how to understand and make full use of the Windows 10 operating system and discover its many features and is being conducted online using ZOOM. You must have a good understanding of how to use Zoom prior to enrolling in this class. Notes will be emailed to the participants after they have attended each class. ONLY those who attend the session will receive the emailed notes.IMPORTANT: YOU MUST CONTACT TREVOR ON 9729 9308 PRIOR TO ENROLLING.

21COM203  Computer Tips (ONLINE)

This Course is being conducted online via ZOOM. You must have an understanding of how to use Zoom prior to enrolling in this class. These tips the pupils may not be aware of them but will find useful, in making it easier using their computers. Some notes will be given but pupils will be given time to get additional information & ask questions. This Course includes Sticky notes; Inserting Emoji; Downloading videos from websites; Folder colourization; Caps Lock Indicator; How to use Microsoft Office apps for free; Highlighting the Mouse Pointer; Inserting File Path in a document and convert a PDF file to an editable document. There is a lot more but too numerous to mention.
Enquiries Trevor or Joy 9729 9308

21COM208  ZOOM- (February)- ONLINE

ZOOM is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to communicate with others – either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats – and it lets you record those sessions to view later. Not only can it be used for online courses, but also great for connecting with family members & friends. It is similar to Skype but more versatile. Learn how to use this app before doing any of our Online Courses. PREREQUISITES: The pupil will require some experience on the computer? REQUIREMENTS: Enrolees will need a computer preferably a laptop computer as this usually has an inbuilt webcam & microphone. However, you can use a desktop and converse by typing in on the Chat line, although a webcam & microphone can be added to a desktop. Notes will only be emailed to you if you attend the session. For enquiries or assistance to enrol ring Trevor or Joy on 9729 9308.

21COM300  Basic Video Editing Course – (ONLINE)

A Basic Video Editing course, using the free Da Vinci Resolve editing application.
The Course will cover application layouts, panel descriptions and usage, Shortcut keys and techniques.
We will be editing a video, gradually increasing our skill sets and building on previous ones.
Attendees will need to be familiar with their Operating System and Devices in order that we can focus on the editing process.
As the course progresses, we will move to an Intermediate course later in the year.
If you have old footage that you wish to edit, tell a story, make short vids, or compile a video made from photographs, this course will cover all those aspects.
Please note that I will be using a Windows based machine, but the controls for Apple are very similar as Resolve is written for both OS.
Resolve will need to be installed prior to course commencement on Wed 3rd Feb 2021. Potential attendees may contact me prior on 0423 943 957.

21LAN022 Advanced French-ONLINE

This course is for students who have achieved a year 12 level of French or who have other previous experience.

Text: DELF B1 200 exercises Cle International. Supplementary text: Calendrier 2021 Langue et culture francaises.

All students please contact tutor on 9723 8542 to discuss course content and textbook(s).