New Courses

21COM300 Basic Video Editing – (Online)

A Basic Video Editing course, using the free Da Vinci Resolve editing application.
The Course will cover application layouts, panel descriptions and usage, Shortcut keys and techniques.
We will be editing a video, gradually increasing our skill sets and building on previous ones.

21EXE008 Croquet for beginners

If you have always wanted to play croquet now is your chance! The Ringwood Croquet Club are offering a 6 week beginners course to learn the game. The Club will supply the tutor, equipment and encouragement. Singles encouraged, enjoy the fellowship.

21HUM050 Shakespeare – Macbeth

A study of selected works from the historical, romantic, comic and tragedies of William Shakespeare. It is anticipated we read, analyse and discuss one play per term, interspersed with viewing a DVD of the relevant play, if possible. It will be necessary to purchase a copy of the relevant play, details will be given closer to the class

21HUM052 Shakespeare – Richard III

As we emerge from our Melbourne COVID 19 winter of discontent let us fling our sorrows deep in the bosom of the Glen Frost room to embrace King Richard III and espy what malevolent, cunning and diabolical plans his unrequited ambitions aspire to.
As we read, study and engross ourselves in this magnificent historical play, may we be transported back to a superstitious, bewitching, treacherous but always enthralling time.

21HUM058 Literature

*Our fortnightly Literature course offers the chance to read and think about the historical and cultural contexts in which both texts and readers find themselves while enjoying good writing.
*It will critically discuss what you as a reader bring to our texts and will encourage you to re-think about how you read as well as what you read.
*It will consider how literary criticism and various “other” readings will help your own response to the reading of literary texts.
*The course, which will select texts from Britain, Russia and Australia this semester, will give you the chance to gain a sense of other people, places and cultures and consider the ways, texts represent the complexity of human experience (acknowl. VCAA)

21HUM072 Philosophy of Law: Jurisprudence

Jurisprudence is the study of the philosophy of law. While not a study of the law itself, the subject explores matters like
. Whether the law should be based on morals.
. How much attention should we give to what the law ought to be.
. Are our law makers helping us to live good lives.
. Can we do better than just aim for the greatest level of happiness to the greatest number of persons in society.
In dealing with Ethics, theories of knowledge and political philosophy.
This fortnightly unit involves us looking at the thinking of some of the great philosophers from Plato through to Rawls and that in the 20th century. It is sure to challenge you to think about how well we organise and serve ourselves through law.

21LAN022 Advanced French – Online

This course is for students who have achieved a year 12 level of French or who have other previous experience.

Text: DELF B1 200 exercises Cle International. Supplementary text: Calendrier 2021 Langue et culture francaises.

21LAN025 French: Higher Level Studies – Online

For people who have studied French for some time and are able to participate in conversational and written French. A solid understanding of verbs and grammar is required. Please contact Diana for further details. Phone number and email address is above.

21LAN028 French – Elementary

This is a language course set at a level suitable for keen beginners (A0) and those who may have studied some French previously (A1). We explore the French language and culture using everyday dialogues, articles, audios and videos. Learning a language is challenging, but also, hopefully, a bit of fun. Expect homework and set aside time to practise at home.

21MUS015 Beginners Guitar & Ukulele

THIS CLASS IS FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. A class designed to give Absolute Beginners and those who have limited experience of the ukulele the skills needed to be self sufficient and join the Monday or Wednesday music groups. Learn tuning your instrument, chords, rhythm and singing for fun. Materials needed. Ukulele, exercise book, pen/pencil and a ukulele tuner. A music stand is nice to have but not essential. A small charge is made for photocopying of music.