New Courses

23AAW001: Resuscitate a Mate – CPR for Seniors

Life Saving Victoria’s resuscitate a mate program introduces Sessions that are suitable for:

Participants over 55 years of age Community groups Seniors clubs is designed to introduce participants to emergency response management (DRSABCD).

In the 1–2 hour interactive session, participants learn the steps to follow in an emergency and the skills to potentially save a life.

Topics covered include:

. casualty management and handling assessment of emergency
. situations calling 000
. providing casualty care
. resuscitation techniques defibrillator use

23AAW002: Meet a Lifeguard

Life Saving Victoria’s – Meet a Lifeguard is a seminar raising the water safety knowledge of older adults.

A Lifeguard trained in water safety education delivers an interactive session to suit the needs of older adults.

Included are: Photos / Videos , Q & A, Prop use & demos.

Topics Include:
. Keeping young ones safe
. Risks for older adults
. How to recognise Rips

23EXE071: Yoga – Monday AM

Originally developed by Hindus in India over 3000 years ago, Yoga is usually seen as a series of exercises and postures designed to promote physical and spiritual well being.
Class leader Robert is a graduate of the Gita School of Yoga. Based on an ancient yogic path, Gita stresses mindfulness of the body and the breath, rather than perfect posture. As the class progresses through the chakras of our hormone system, participants will experience a sense of well-being, a new ability to face life’s challenges, a fresh determination to manage our goals,…and Yes – fun! Join Us!

23HUM055: Write Your Own Memoir

Do you want to write the story of your life for future generations to read? We may think our lives are ordinary, but for our children, their children and their children’s children, reading what life was like for their parent and grandparents is a fascinating slice of family history.
Life without television – what did you do? No mobile phones – are you kidding? Give them an insight into what life was like a generation (or two) ago through your stories of childhood and school life, bringing up your family, employment, and living in a time of huge technological change. Introduce them to you as a child and young adult so they can see how you grew into the adult you are today. Record your times of joy, your challenges, achievements and, if you want to, the times of sorrow and hardship.
This course will help you find your voice, create a timeline, and show you how to organise your memories and stories into something your family will want to read. You can organise your text on a computer, but a notebook or folder with dividers is also recommended to jot down ideas, stories and memories.

23HUM057: The Art of Story Telling

The weekly course starting term 2 will cover:-

(1) An overview of story telling in all its different forms throughout history, eg, essays, poetry, diaries, family histories etc.
(2) Creative writing techniques , printing and publishing.
(3) Performance techniques for live story telling,
(4) Simple recording techniques for preserving the stories of others.

Participants (will finish the course by creating and sharing a story of their own. This won’t be a competition, but a chance for course members to express themselves, and also hear (and be inspired by) the stories of others.

23COM250 Digitize Photos/Slides,etc & Scanning 2

Wednesday 21st June 1.00 – 2.30pm

This course will give you instructions on how to digitize your photos, slides, negatives & documents by scanning them to save them on your computer. Also, the best way to digitize VHS tapes & 8mm film. Part of this course is how to clean the grime & dust off photos & negatives before digitizing them. The scanning will be demonstrated in the classroom using the Microsoft Scan App. Ignore the app that comes with your printer and use this free Scan app which is simple to download and so easy to use.
Enquiries: Joy Bellinger 9729 9308

23COM260- Recovering Deleted Files T2

Wednesday 26th April 1.00 – 2.30pm

What do you do when you accidentally delete a file or files from the Recycling Bin or from an external storage drive such as a USB Drive? You will not find them in the Recycling Bin. Recuva is a free App that you can use to recover pictures, documents, videos etc that you have unintentionally deleted. This one session will show you how to use this app to recover deleted files that are not in the Recycling Bin.

Enquiries: Joy Bellinger 9729 9308

23COM300-Clipchamp Video Editor

Friday 28th April – 23 June 10.00 – 11.30pm

This video maker is beginner-friendly with a drag-and-drop interface. You can cut, trim, crop, rotate, split, loop, zoom in and out, speed up or slow down, add or remove audio and even add filters, transitions & music to videos. It also has advanced video editing features such as record screen and webcam, and even add AI voiceovers that are not in the Photo App.

Enquiries: Joy Bellinger 9729 9308

23COM280-Folder Colourize & Change Icon T2

Wednesday 10th May -17th May 1.00 – 2.30pm

How many times have had problems finding a folder in File Explorer because the yellow folders all blend into one another? How much easier it would be if the folders were different colours or the folder was changed to a picture that depicted what was in that folder?
This course will show you how to colour the folders, change the folder icon to another icon of your choice, and change the front picture on the folder. Making these changes will make it easier to see a particular folder if you are visually impaired.

Enquiries: Joy Bellinger 9729 9308

23COM450-Windows 10 & 11 Term 3

Friday 14th July – 15th September 10.00-11.30am

Are you confused about how to use Windows 10 or 11? This course will show you how to understand and make full use of the Windows 10 & Windows 11 Microsoft computer operating system, discovering their many features.

Enquiries: Trevor or Joy Bellinger 9729 9308