New Courses

24COM220-Outlook-Windows Term 1

Wednesday 14th Feb 1.00-2.30 pm

Outlook Windows has replaced the Mail app and comes free with Windows 10/11. It enables you to access all your emails in one place instead of having to go to different tabs in your browser. A Microsoft Account is required to use this app. You can work on your emails at any time even offline, that is without internet connections. No signing in each time you open the app; notifications are given when new emails arrive. Learn how easy & how convenient it is to use this app by attending this one session. Using this app is convenient when using Microsoft apps as it is linked.

Enquiries: Joy Bellinger 9729 9308

24CRA065: Stained Glass

In this course we make stained glass items focussing on the copper foiling method to make suncatchers and decorative plant stakes. We also do glass-on-glass mosaics. We are a fun group who like to chat, provide assistance and share our experiences. Some members of the group also do lead lighting. You will find useful resources at Everything Stained Glass ( this course we make stained glass items focussing on the copper foiling method to make suncatchers and decorative plant stakes. We also do glass-on-glass mosaics. We are a fun group who like to chat, provide assistance and share our experiences. Some members of the group also do lead lighting. You will find useful resources at Everything Stained Glass (

You need to be prepared to buy your own tools and supplies (about $250). Grinders are available to use during class. Fairly good eyesight & a steady hand are needed to cut glass. Please ensure you follow safety procedures (closed-toe shoes and protective eyewear) when handling glass.

24EXE025: Morning Walk and Talk

Enjoy a gentle walk and talk in the suburbs of Croydon, starting in Croydon South. Walks will be around an hour or so, normally on footpaths with no steep hills. Occasionally, with groups consent we may pull over for a coffee at a local cafe. We may also on occasion start our walk at a different notified place in Croydon. Each week I will introduce a non compulsory “ice breaker” subject to discuss with the nearest co walker.
Pace will be very moderate. Prams, dogs on leash are all welcome.
Come and join us on walks in the local area and enjoy a good chat along the way.
Walk will commence at 9:15am on Monday mornings and will vary in length, but around one hour or so. PLEASE RING RICHARD HALLFORD ON 0423 943 957 FOR DETAILS OF STARTING POINT.

23EXE030: Walking Games for Fun

The idea of the course is to promote fitness by playing ball games that we knew as we grew up and incorporate a little bit of soccer, basketball and netball all at walking pace. In addition we will look at improving our ball skill with easy drills.

This is not in a competitive activity but one where non competitive people can come together and play ball in a U3A social environment of fun, respect and safety. Want to encourage non competitive people to come and exercise (walking is a beneficial exercise) and just have fun.
I will be asking participants to put forward other games that could be incorporated into the session, if they wish to.
But most of all I want to hear laughter and see fun and camaraderie in loads emanating from the stadium.Time: Friday 10.30am – 11.30am at John Frost Stadium

24GAM020: Mahjong – Experienced and Beginners

Learn to play the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong which involves skill, strategy and a certain degree of luck. Join our friendly group with the emphasis on fun and friendship. Our group plays Western and Chinese versions. Beginners would benefit from learning the Chinese way of playing in the initial stages in order to familiarise themselves with the tiles and basic terminology. The group will provide assistance with learning.

23HUM040: Meet and Chat

Come along and meet new friends and enjoy a morning cuppa in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at various local cafes. This is proposed to be a monthly get-together starting on a Friday morning in October. Members must be enrolled in this class to participate and will be advised of the venue, 2 weeks prior, by email.


You will only receive a return call if there is a problem. Bookings close 3 days before the event.

You will be notified in each reminder email of any changes.

Requirements: Members must be independently mobile and must wear their U3A name badge.

23HUM065: Adult Literacy

Would you like help with basic reading and spelling skills? Lessons would be on a one-to-one basis and focus on a member’s individual needs and goals

For more information Contact : Yvonne at


24MUS013: Beginners Acoustic Guitar

For rank beginners, the goal of this course is for you to learn to play and sing to popular tunes from the 1950- to 1970s using a few simple chords. We will slowly progress our learning using well known tunes. If you want to start your journey to play and sing guitar, starting from no knowledge, this is the course for you. There is the possibility of borrowing a guitar for one semester on a first come basis, from the U3A instrument library. Contact me for further info.
Learning materials will be provided via email only. Students to print their own material, or use ipad type device.

24MUS033: Exploring Classical Music

The class will explore the world of classical music. It will involve listening to a broad range of the Classical repertoire (including opera) — some of its most famous works, but also some which are less well known. Whether a participant is highly knowledgeable or not, the aim will be to heighten appreciation and enjoyment and of composers’ and performers’ contributions. Issues such as musical form, musical aesthetics and music history will come under consideration, as relevant.

24MUS040: Songwriting

Have you ever wanted to have a go at writing a song? Maybe you already write songs and would welcome the impetus to write more regularly? Maybe you’ve never written a song but would like a chance to try? The aim of this group is to provide a supportive space in which to share your songs with like-minded people and receive positive and constructive feedback. Both beginners and more experienced songwriters are welcome.
The group will meet fortnightly and at each session there will be the opportunity to share an original song with the other members. If you can perform with an instrument, that would be great, but it’s not necessary – you can also present your song acapella or with a backing track. You may feel confident with writing lyrics but not know how to approach finding a melody – we can consider that in the group. Please bring copies of lyrics to hand out.
There may also be some sessions where a particular aspect of songwriting can be discussed in more depth – such as rhyme, rhythm, use of chords, how to create mood, how to create a backing track etc etc depending on what the group wants to cover.
Songwriting is such an enjoyable activity – come along and give it a go!

24MUS045: Musical Instrument Lending Library

Any Croydon U3A member can borrow any of the listed instruments. The library has a list of people who can provide some limited mentorship for learning an instrument and some further resources. Various Instruments are available for loan in our Musical instrument Lending library (see information in the courses and activity guide)

The MILL library is open, with a librarian in attendance, every Tuesday during semester weeks from 11 am – 12.30am.
Members would be welcome to drop in but it may be valuable to email Peter McErlain – about any requests.If an instrument is on loan, members can put their name down to borrow it in the future.
Instruments can be borrowed for up to a semester.The librarians can give some guidance on playing instruments. The library also offers basic repairs and alterations for a range of musical instruments too. Small beginner groups can be arranged for Violin, Mandolin and Banjo. Guitar, Ukulele and Rhythm Piano tuition is also available at Croydon U3A

The library instruments include:
Guitars (Acoustic and electric)
Ukuleles (various sizes)
Piano Keyboards
Cajon Drum
others may be possible

No enrolment needed.