New Courses

22COM010: Buying & Selling Online using your PC

If you think that it is time to get rid of your excess furniture, crockery, kitchen utensils, books etc why not sell them on Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree? Listing items is a very simple process & there are no initial fees. I have successfully sold numerous items on either Facebook or Gumtree, all of which sold quickly. Note: You can also easily buy items on Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. Course dates: August 4th & August 11th at 1pm
For details phone Trevor on 9729 9308 or 0418 556 236

22COM090: Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is an app that helps you create, design and publish professional-looking brochures, cards, stationery, labels, banners, etc. In the past, this course has been run for 2 terms but depending on how far the pupils wish to go, whether it will continue on for the 2nd term. This course will include how to use the templates provided by Microsoft; How to create your own cards, customize the paper size; Printing labels, banners, envelopes, & brochures. Mail Merge – inserting information from a database onto envelopes, invitations, etc Tips on how to make your own designs & layouts look professional.
Enquiries to Joy Bellinger on 9729 9308

22CRA018: Pin Embroidery Card Making

Follow step by step instructions to create beautiful stitched cards. Create a bookmark or beautiful handmade greeting cards that your loved ones and special friends will treasure. No advanced sewing skills required, materials supplied for first lesson.

There will be an initial charge of $5.00 for a starter pack that will include pricking mat, needle, pins, and blank cards of various sizes.

22CRA025: Busy Hands

This is a class for people who like to share ideas, learn from each other and complete their PHD’s (Projects Half Done) in a friendly atmosphere. BYO quilts, knitting, crocheting etc, whatever crafty things you are working on.

22EXE030: Walking Football (New Session)

Due to popular demand a second session of Walking Football will be conducted on Wednesday’s from 10:00AM to 12:00PM. “Walking Football. Join in the fun and get some exercise at the same time. It’s indoor soccer but at walking pace with modified rules to make it better suited for seniors. The emphasis is on exercise rather than competition and the exercise runs continuously for the two hours with just hydration (chat) breaks. Wear layers of comfortable clothing and sports shoes. No black soles please. If you have any questions please call Geoff on 0411 245 633”

22EXE075: Yoga Wednesday PM

The benefits of Yoga for our health and wellbeing are well documented. We focus on breathing, stretching, postures, balancing and include 10 min. relaxation and meditation. Yoga Intermediate builds on prior experience. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a Yoga mat, blanket and waterbottle. This course is open for Beginners as well as advanced and builds on previous experience with yoga practices. We include breathing techniques, stretching, posture and yoga poses. THERE IS RESTRICTIONS ON HOW MANY YOGA CLASSES YOU CAN ATTEND DUE TO THEIR POPULARITY. PLEASE ENQUIRE ATTHE OFFICE.

22HUM059: Literature Something old, something new!

Writer, Sian Evans, tells us that “Literature is a complex thing that performs a wide variety of functions in society” (Evans 2020). Story telling has been used for centuries to do some wonderful imaginative and creative things for its readers and listeners. This unit selects texts that were written about 160 years apart (crudely “old” and “new”) and yet both novels reach across time – in Cadwallader’s case, to the 13th Century, to tell us about the human condition and especially about their female characters’ experience of the world. Our poetry this semester comes from a well-known 20th century Australian poet. Texts to be purchased: “Jane Eyre” Charlotte Bronte. “The Anchoress” Robyn Cadwallader. A selection of Gwen Harwood’s poems will be supplied in class. Paul Martin 0422 389 221

22HUM071: Philosophy – Freedom and Community

WHAT DOES LIBERTY MEAN TO ME IN MY WORLD? An existential question that might interest us with all that’s going on today is, ‘What might it mean to say that I am a free person’? You’ve lived all your life so far subject to various forms of constraints and powers limiting the extent you can say you are ‘free’. What are these? How have they changed? Are they/have they been legitimate? How would you describe your own ‘lived freedom’ today, moving into the foreseeable future? How do you begin to respond to John Stuart Mill’s question about ‘the nature and limits of power which can be legitimately exercised by society over the individual’? What reflective sense do you have about how these questions have changed over your lifetime, up to and including the present? To what extent is it useful to suggest that our lives are overwhelmingly shaped by how we manage the ‘struggle between Liberty and Authority’? In asking the above, this Philosophy unit will examine and contextualise today’s lived experience of personal and social freedoms.It will pick up on a range of current perspectives that will help you make sense of these queries. Please ring Paul Martin on 0422 389 221 for further information.