New Courses

22COM100: Using the Internet

This course covers the following:
What can I use the Internet for? What are web browsers and Search engines? Different web browsers and Search engines Searching the Internet. Tips for better searching. Taking care on the internet. Downloading pictures/ documents etc from the Internet Using YouTube.
Details: Contact Trevor 9729 9308

22COM105: Using Emails

This course covers:
Sending & receiving emails . Checking out suspicious emails from senders’ addresses. Add attachments to your emails. Opening email attachments & what attachments are NOT to be opened. Creating email folders. Replying/Reply All/ Forwarding emails. What are Ccs and Bccs?. Copying pictures & text from the body of the email.
Inquiries to
Trevor on 9729 9308

22COM110: Computer & Phone Scams

The course covers:
Learn how to spot a phone or internet scam. Phishing scams. Medicare & Tax scams. Romance & Dating scams. How to be safe from scams. What to do if you suspect that you have been scammed.
Inquiries to Trevor Bellinger on 9729 9308

22COM120: Using Facebook on your iPad

Learn to efficiently use Facebook & Messenger on your iPad. Use Facebook whilst travelling. Load lots of your favourite photos for family & friends to see. Share information with family & friends. Search for past friends. Security whilst using Facebook. I will share my experiences using Facebook during this course. Let’s see where this course takes us. If you wish to continue beyond this course, I will consider this. NOTE: You will need to bring your own (fully-charged) iPad to participate in this course.
Inquiries: Carina on 0423 682 628

22COM320: Creating your own videos

This course is conducted using the very simple Microsoft Photo App which comes with Windows 10. You will be shown how to use your own photos & videos to create these videos Ideal for Eulogies, a legacy for grandchildren or fun videos to share with others This course includes: How to digitize your photos, slides, VHS tapes, etc; Tips on taking future photos & videos, and how to film an interview for the introduction. How to transfer your photos/videos from your phone or iPad onto your computer; Preparing the photos/videos to use for your video, including editing the videos. Add captions, sounds, narration & your own music to the created video. Creating animation in PowerPoint and using it in the video. Also saving the video to share with others
Joy Phone: 9729 9308

22GAM045: Competition Card Games

Tutoring and mentoring in various card games such as Cribbage, 500, Solo-whist, Gin-rummy, Texas Hold’em, Acey-deucey, Oh-Sh*t, Canasta, Hearts, and other games as requested, with individual playing and competitions with prizes awarded to the winners.

22HUM050: Tarot for Beginners

This class is a comprehensive study of the tarot for beginners. Tarot cards are a collection of spiritual, and for some mystical, teachings organised into 78 cards. Today people read tarot cards for personal growth, spiritual expansion and intuitive development.
In this class you will learn about the history of the tarot and the meanings of the 78 cards and their symbols. You will learn some basic spreads and practice doing simple readings in class in a friendly and supportive environment. In this class we will use the Rider Waite Smith deck. I have some spare decks for students to use until they decide whether they wish to invest in their own deck. Students will be emailed class notes which they will need to print and bring to class.

22HUM058: Literature – Study of a Single Author

Japanese-British author, Kazuo Ishiguro on being awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature offered the following statement of his interest in worldly connections: “One of the things that’s interested me always is how we live in small worlds and big worlds at the same time: that we try and find fulfillment and love, but that inevitable intersects with a larger world, where politics, or even dystopian universes, can prevail. So I think I’ve always been interested in that. We live in small worlds and big worlds at the same time and we can’t…forget one or the other”. This talk of worlds, his interest in the workings of his narrators’ minds: their memories and consciousness, and the way the world appears to them, will form the basis of this units’ reading and exploration of three of Ishiguro’s works. Our discussions will examine the individual riches of each work as well as consider whether, collectively, his works can teach us anything about him and what his literature has to offer. Poetry will continue to feature in our fortnightly classes. Set Texts to be purchased are – “Remains of the Day” (Faber), “Klara and the Sun” (Faber), “Never Let Me Go” – a film study. No need to purchase this in novel form. Paul Martin Tutor 0422389221

22HUM070: Story Telling, Writing, Performing

: The course will cover (1) An overview of storytelling in all its different forms eg, essays, poetry diaries, etc. (2) creative writing for stories to be read by others, (3) speaking techniques for live storytelling, (4) simple recording techniques for recording the stories of others. (5) Course members will finish the course by sharing a story of their own. This won’t be a competition, but a chance for course members to express themselves, and also hear (and be inspired)A CD play by the stories of others.

22HUM071: Philosophy – Freedom and Community

WHAT DOES LIBERTY MEAN TO ME IN MY WORLD? An existential question that might interest us with all that’s going on today is, ‘What might it mean to say that I am a free person? You’ve lived all your life so far subject to various forms of constraints and powers limiting the extent you can say you are ‘free’. What are these? How have they changed? Are they/have they been legitimate? How would you describe your own ‘lived freedom’ today, moving into the foreseeable future? How do you begin to respond to John Stuart Mill’s question about ‘the nature and limits of the power which can be legitimately exercised by society over the individual? What reflective sense do you have about how these questions have changed over your lifetime, up to and including the present? To what extent is it useful to suggest that our lives are overwhelmingly shaped by how we manage the ‘struggle between Liberty and Authority’? In asking the above, this Philosophy unit will examine and contextualize today’s lived experience of personal and social freedoms. It will pick up on a range of current perspectives that will help you make sense of these queries. Please ring Paul Martin on 0422 389 221 for further information.

22LAN027: French Elementary – Year 1

This is an ongoing language course. If the venue is not suitable due to Covid restrictions or concerns it will be moved online and use Zoom. This is a language course set at a level suitable for keen beginners (A0) and those who may have studied some French previously (A1). We explore the French language and culture using everyday dialogues, articles, audio, and videos. Learning a language is challenging, but also, hopefully, a bit of fun. Expect homework and set aside time to practise at home. Please note: While the tutor is not fluent in French, he is proficient enough to be able to offer a good level of French for beginners. If you want more, there are other U3A classes with excellent French teachers available. Additional NotesPrerequisites: Some previous French learning either at school or in a recent beginner’s course would be ideal. Absolute beginners who are keen to learn the language are welcome, but they should join at the start of the year in order to get the benefit of the introductory lessons. Text: A textbook oriented to adult learning is supplemented with online resources, worksheets, and audio-visual materials. Computer skills: There are many resources online. You should have internet access and be comfortable using email and the following links.