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Xmas breakup December 2023

Maroondah Festival – December 2023

Xmas Breakup – December 2022

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Maroondah Festival “Croydonaires” – 2022

Musical Jam at Dorset Gardens Hotel

On Thursday August 4 an eager group of 15 people from Wednesday morning’s ‘Musical Jam’ played for the Life Activities Club at their AGM. The start was delayed a few minutes as a good audience continued to arrive and more chairs had to be set up.

The line-up consisted of about equal numbers of guitarists and uke players, as well as Athalie playing her double bass and Agnes putting her uke aside for some clip-clopping on the coconuts! The group dubbed themselves ‘The Pleasant Pluckers’ for the day.

The set list was a popular selection of well-known songs, and different people stepped forward to lead on their favourite numbers.

The ‘Pluckers’ were well led by Rob Fairbairn and he even typed up some of the words for the audience. Before they knew it they were singing along, and even doing the actions to ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’ and ‘YMCA.’

At the finish we enjoyed an afternoon tea with our hosts, and there were a few approaches about some more performances. Everyone involved agreed it was a very successful gig, and this is likely to be the start of something!

Croydonaires – March 2022 – Eastfield Park

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