New Computer Courses Term 2

The following Short-Term classes will be available for Term 2, 2019. These classes will run for 1½ hours per session, once a week, which at the moment, will be on Tuesdays at 11.00-12.30. For more information on these classes select Courses & Activities tab.For inquiries, such as your suitability for the course, contact Trevor or Joy on 9729 9308. You will also need to be a member of U3A Croydon to attend. There will be no computer fee for these classes. However, if there are notes distributed there will be a small charge for the cost of photocopying.

1. COMPUTERS – MANAGING FILES: Do you struggle to understand how folders and files work and need that extra assistance to organize the files on your computer? To have a disorganized computer is like a messy house; it is time consuming looking for that file and is unproductive. For this course ONLY, you can bring along your own laptop provided it has its own power source, that is, a fully charged battery to enable you to work on your own files. Date: 30th April. (One session only)

2. COMPUTERS – PRINTING THE SCREEN: How many times have you wanted to copy something from your PC screen and didn’t know how? This class that goes for one session will show you 4 different methods to do this. Date: 14th May. (One session only)

3. COMPUTERS – PHOTO APP: Photo is an application (program) that comes with Windows 10 in which your photos/pictures open up. There is a lot more to this app than you are probably aware of. This course will show you how to edit photos using the very basic tools provided but also how to create a video not only with photos but other videos. Create these videos adding sound, music and also narration. Dates: 21st & 28th May. (Two sessions only)

4. COMPUTERS – VOICE RECORDING: Have you ever needed a voice over/narration to use with a slide show or video and didn’t know how to create one? You can even email verbal messages to other people. It may be quicker for you than typing a message. This course will show you how easy it is. Date: 11th June. (One session only)

5. COMPUTERS – MAIL APP: The Mail app which is similar to Outlook, enables you to view all your emails on one app, on or offline, and working with them just as you would normally. This one session will show you how easy and convenient it is to use this app. You will need a Microsoft Account to use this app in the classroom. Date: 18th June. (One session only)

6. COMPUTERS -OVERVIEW/ PUBLISHER: Do you regularly use Microsoft WORD for designing flyers, greeting cards, invitations, newsletters, etc. and have wondered whether there is a superior program out there? This session will give you an overview on how Publisher is ideal for creating these items. Date: 25th June. (One session only)

To enrol for any of these classes it can either be done online or by going to the U3A office during office hours.
If you have any suggestions for Short-Term classes don’t hesitate to call us. Or, if you are interested in teaching a course or know of anyone who is willing to share their knowledge, also contact us.
Trevor & Joy Bellinger 9729 9308
U3A Computer Tutors